Neolife Solution

Revolutionising spaces

“NEOLIFE® creates innovative, sustainable, cost-controlled building solutions for the professionals tasked with designing and constructing the living spaces of the 21st century”  

The brainchild of building-site professionals, NEOLIFE® enables architects, landscapists, design offices and building technicians to meet environmental specification packages for HQE (France), BREEAM and LEED projects for individual and multi-unit housing, commercial buildings and urban spaces. 

Solutions for insulated cladding, interior and exterior design, and structural components are conceived as LEGO-like pieces that can be used separately but also ultimately combined in a complete project. Their functional intelligence and perfect finish enable quick installation and provide instant visual appeal, which substantially reduces the time spent on-site.  

More than just a range of solutions, NEOLIFE® is taking part in a new philosophy of building, strongly focused on three essential values:

  • Innovation, which drives the brand and yields solutions for the future
  • Sustainable development, in an eco-responsible approach to materials  
  • Consideration for humans, because every person – whatever their situation – must have access to comfort, safety, and the upgradeability of a sustainable home.