Neolife Solution

Reinventing wood

“Containing an exceptionally high proportion of wood fibres, VESTA® revolutionises eco-materials and the design of environmental solutions for cosntruction and the development of outdoor spaces

VESTA® (Vegetal, Ecological Stable Timber Advantage) is a new environmental material with outstanding properties. It has been developed by NEOLIFE® in partnership with European eco-material experts. It finally satisfies the request from architects, landscapists and design offices focused on eco-construction and sustainability projects.

  • Eco-friendly,  The wood fibres in VESTA® come from sustainably-managed European forests. Its production requires no tree felling, no high levels of grey energy for processing, and no additives that harm the environment.

  • Healthy, VESTA® is solvent, glue and phtalate free, and gives off no harmful substances.

  • Thermofusible, VESTA® can be deployed using the main plastics technologies, enabling NEOLIFE® to create complex, high-precision profiles that would be unthinkable with conventional wood.

  • Attractive, VESTA® looks similar to a natural brushed wood, is warm and soft to touch, and has an intense woody scent.

  • Care Free, VESTA® is not sensitive to fungi, mosses, or insects such as termites. As a result, solutions do not sustain visual or mechanical impairment.