Neolife Solution


Cover 6 & 14 - Cladding


  • Unique look, a cross between wood and mineral, with visible fibres; warm to the touch
  • Marked, random brushing that catches the light and gives the product substance and patina
  • Marked slatted look with guaranteed regular grooving
  • Combinable 6 and 14cm visible width waves with 10 mm spacing at the bottom of the joint
  • Invisible fixings and only 6 mm play at the board ends


  • Exceptional fire rating for such a high wood fibres content: B-s3, d0 (M1)
  • Impact resistance: High (Q4)
  • Rot-proof, 100% termite-proof, does not absorb moisture
  • Doesn't fade away its colour: no need for varnish or preservatives
  • Graffiti and scratches can be brushed out or cleaned off


  • Made from VESTA® X-FIRE, a new reconstituted wood material
  • 75% of the fibres come from sustainably managed European forests
  • Contains no toxic products, adhesives, coupling agents or heavy metals
  • Contains no flame retardants


  • Exceptional dimensional stability of 1.5 mm per linear meter of expansion over temperature delta of 50° (equivalent to aluminum)
  • High precision manufacture for guaranteed regular grooving


  • Can be fitted vertically or horizontally on wood battens or metal profiles
  • Long 4.10 m board lengths with 30 cm spacing covering an area of 1.23 m²
  • Traditional ventilated batten fixing with 40 to 60 cm center-to-center spacing
  • Fully interlocking boards for guaranteed regular & parallel grooving
  • Fitted using stainless steel hooks screwed into the wood or metal support structures


  • Horizontal fitting: 45° miter cut for perfectly regular corners or joint covers screwed into the bottom of the groove
  • Vertical fitting and soffits: screwed corner joint cover