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Nature 14 - Decking Boards

Product's installation

  • Réalisation de la terrasse de St Gervais (74)
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  • Great fluidness with unique-wide 14 cm profiles on a length of 3.20 m
  • Natural aspect with a huge amount of visible wood fibres
  • The decking is reversible, one side designed with micro grooves to enhance the decking’s slip resistance, the other side designed with 6mm grooves, to get a more traditional look
  • Clips, hooks & screws in brown stainless steel are fixed between the boards and remain very discrete
  • 4 highly UV resistant colours dyed in the mass with natural mineral pigments


  • Exceptional dimensional stability with an expansion of only 1.5 mm per linear metre at 50° ΔT (equivalent to aluminum)
  • A long wood fibre, steamed at high temperature, for a very low humidity absorption & good mecanical characteristics


  • Made of VESTA®, a reconstituted wood eco-material
  • A unique wood fibre amount (92%) coming from sustainably-managed forests
  • 100% recyclable
  • Does not contain any tropical wood fibres or lead-painted recycled wood !


  • Stainless steel fixing clips are inserted between the boards and screwed to the structure
  • A specific spacing tool is provided with the clips in order to achieve a 8mm joint all along the boards
  • Mounting on wood or metal structure
  • A maximum distance of 40 cm between the joints. The boards are not load-bearing elements, they cannot be considered as a structure


  • Rot-proof and insect resistant
  • The colour is dyed in the mass, scratches can be easily brushed away
  • Very low water absorption, weather resistant
  • Does not require any wood treatment


    • Fire rating : Eurocode Class E
    • Slip resistance test : Class C – R12 / R13