Neolife Solution

Drawing inspiration from the unseen

“The intelligent design of NEOLIFE® solutions enables multi-functional or all-in-one applications for each ready-to-fit part”

NEOLIFE® solutions are designed by a team of architects, engineers and builders with strong field experience. To prevent the dysfunctions inherent to conventional building projects, the team has structured the building trades transversally by creating pre-industrialised solutions with a finished look. Delivered on-site, these solutions are ready to install by simple assembly, thus minimising defects and rejects.Lastly, all the solutions are designed for easy dismantling or even recycling, in an economical and environmental approach to building maintenance. 

The intelligence of NEOLIFE® also lies in the optimised design of elements and accessories for fastening, covering and finishing. They fit perfectly, thus assuring visual appeal both overall and at each single point, whatever the quality or nature of the material.  In this sense, NEOLIFE® building solutions adapt to the demands of refurbishment work, where conditions are sometimes made difficult by material degradation.

For each solution, our engineers conduct material characterisation studies and CAD design together. This enables them to perform material strength studies and optimise the shape of each part. Smart digital modelling validates their profiles and inter-part adjustments, before prototypes are made. Moulds and dies then thermoform each part into perfect dimensional uniformity.